Werkman Groningen impressie
Credits: WERKMAN Groningen



Horeca Development has been intensively involved in WERKMAN’s concept development behind the scenes for 2.5 years to make it a success story from day one. Also, our consultants have made the technical design for the kitchen and bar. This unique restaurant opened its doors to the main market square in Groningen during the corona crisis.

Impressie District-E Eindhoven
Credits: Powerhouse Company/Amvest



As part of the project team of District-E, we think along to create a connection between the right operators, entrepreneurs, and visitors to this area. We advise on restaurant and hotel concepts, operator cooperation, and overall hospitality. Each is carefully selected to connect to the site and resident mind set.

Impressie Mr. Porter Barcelona
Credits: Mr. Porter Stakehouse

Mr. Porter Barcelona


In 2019, the hotel/restaurant Mr. Porter opened in Barcelona. Commissioned by The Entourage Group, Horeca Development carried out the bar design process and created the meat and wine displays. The project was delivered post opening.

Nieuw Bergen Eindhoven
Credits: MVRDV

Nieuw Bergen


Commissioned by SDK Vastgoed, a vision has been developed for the residential area of Nieuw Bergen. This development serves as a powerful steering tool on a platform to influence the program for residents and visitors in hospitality, retail, and services.

At Horeca Development, we believe in the strength of 'network-based consultancy.' To deliver tailor-made solutions and apply the power of collective knowledge, we assemble teams of specialists from various backgrounds and disciplines, specifically for your project's needs. Born of our passion and appreciation for the hospitality profession, we support creating and developing market-relevant concepts where Food & Beverage and hospitality are at their core. Authentic, efficient, and unconventional. We add value through both; harnassing collective knowledge and applying our own extensive experience throughout the development process, from fostering the first moment of creative inspiration to established concept monitoring and aftercare.

Our services

Kitchen + bar engineering

Concept development + identity

Project/area development + placemaking

Participation projects

The team

The Lichttoren in Eindhoven is the home and operating base of our team. Inspired by the progressive Eindhoven mentality, a small core team forms the basis for every project. Together with our flexible shell of freelancers, we bring our expertise and collective experience to the disciplines above.

Rob Bongers
Roel Koekkoek
Ingrid van den Muijzenberg
Alex Smit
Lieke van Wilpen
David van Hemert
Janna Sibbes
Jacco Voorn
Jan Willem van der Aa