Participation projects

At Horeca Development, we always approach projects in good faith. We believe strongly in every project we take on. In some cases, the match is so good that sustainable participation agreements are reached in addition to cooperation. We are fully prepared to invest, at risk, in projects we believe in to stay connected and grow together.

Credits: Phenster | Mark Kuipers - Locatie: Amsterdam

The Villy


Commissioned by CBRE & SRE, and in collaboration with Hanex and Pubblik & Vos, Horeca Development is working on the living room concept ‘The Villy‘ that will be rolled out in (new) residential development in the Randstad region. In this project, COFFEELAB is used as inspiration in the field of operationalization and F&B offerings.

Coffeelab Breda - koffie & co-working
Credits: Studio Lime



COFFEELAB originated from the desire of the municipality of Eindhoven and city marketeers Eindhoven 365 to transform the VVV office into a brand store containing a coffee bar concept, created by and for the people of Eindhoven. In the years since, five branches have opened in different cities across the Netherlands, one of which features a built-in co-working space.

Impressie Vesper Bar Amsterdam
Credits: Vesper



Cocktailbar Vesper is Horeca Development’s first own business. This increases our knowledge of how the market works, gaining valuable practical experience in the field of organization, margin tweaking, marketing, and increasing labor productivity, resulting in significant knowledge that we apply to other assignments.

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