Project/gebiedsontwikkeling + placemaking

Project/area development
+ placemaking

Curious about which F&B concepts are a perfect match for your project/district development? We are happy to analyze your hospitality vision and add value to a (new) area, district, or street-sized project. Using our proven concept creation formulas, we can develop new concepts for your project or support it by sourcing suitable operators who are a good fit for you and the local mindset. Without prior knowledge about who the tenant maybe, we compose a PVE for the function of the new spaces and calculate for rent maximization based on the potential the location’s programming.

Nieuw Bergen Eindhoven
Credits: MVRDV

Nieuw Bergen


Commissioned by SDK Vastgoed, a vision has been developed for the residential area of Nieuw Bergen. This development serves as a powerful steering tool on a platform to influence the program for residents and visitors in hospitality, retail, and services.

Impressie District-E Eindhoven
Credits: Powerhouse Company/Amvest



As part of the project team of District-E, we think along to create a connection between the right operators, entrepreneurs, and visitors to this area. We advise on restaurant and hotel concepts, operator cooperation, and overall hospitality. Each is carefully selected to connect to the site and resident mind set.

Impressie Synchroon VDMA terrein, Cobe Architecten
Credits: COBE/Synchroon



As part of Synchroon’s tender consortium, Horeca Development studied the program mix of the VDMA site for the dynamic city dweller. The focus was on talent development & social entrepreneurship, urban living, meeting & staying.

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Project/area development
+ placemaking


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